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Our family went an emotional wrenching turmoil in the dissolution of a 20 year marriage with 8 children. My two daughters had serious emotional and secondary physical stress and illness as a result of the impact on their lives of a ongoing conflict with their father. Dr. Gifford was available by electronic Virtual Office, eVO, consistently to provide sustaining teleconferences to help bring perspective and continuity to my daughter’s understanding of the circumstance. As we live in a rural farming community access to competent professional assistance was limited at best. Although we had no diagnostic mental illness or drug use, Dr. Gifford’s work with My Doctor MD Online helped pull us through a painful and difficult chapter of our family’s lives.

The information provided by this physician and psychiatrist is pertinent and relevant to the coming global issues that are happening today. One should embrace the information and use it to perform due-diligence with research. He is presenting best-of-class knowledge with observations from a scientific point of view. Because he was reared in an academic liberal progressive environment, he was privy to conversations by those who were engaged in the New World Order. If you care about your own body, then you need to pay attention to his data, information, and explanations. Those who have eyes....READ. Those who have ears....LISTEN. Those who prefer to doubt....well, just go bury your head in the sand.
R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed.
South Carolina

Wonderful news Doc......I wish you a raging success with this Project.....sounds great and modern...utilizing the new technologies of Instant and Efficient Technologies to bring to people help and assistance.......truly Hippocratic , in sync with the Intentions He stated long ago...... best wishes and thanks for letting me know about your work...

Thank you Doc for all you do.
Dan Callahan,
Recovery Thinking: 90-Days to Change your Life

My Doctor MD Online provides a service that I believe can protect the wellness of the individual taking responsibility for his life, with the information necessary to facilitate his consistent application of proven principles. Privacy of all information of the persons is of the utmost importance and offline and registration is with a offline server not accessible to the internet. Dr. Gifford’s knowledge of medicine is clearly competent having been board certified and he backs up his information with Second Opinions from other academic doctors for review. The initial access to telephonic answers are free to determine the question and its resolution.

I was trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle and Dr. Gifford’s information regarding the use of fructose and other carbohydrates and the addition of necessary foods that work together to bring together maximum health.

Dr. Gifford’s command of neurophysiology is a boon to the recovery of health and avoidance of the toxins of daily life in the 21st century. The Owner’s Manual for the Brain is a corollary to the direct implementation of the chemistry of cars and computers with the practical application to their mainte-
nance and management through his WEBINARS for rehab programs. The practical application of reprogramming the neurophysiologic systems in a environment of absolute privacy of communication.

As a member of a leading global team of medical genetic engineering, I recognize Dr. Gifford’s ability to perceive and directly apply the functional aspects of the biological information systems genetic, neurophysiologic and biochemical to a practical application of sustainable health for stability of wellness over time. Clearly his resolution of hard core clinical data to pragmatic adjustment of daily choices is an organization of the data to its maximum growth potential through synergism of the fundamental systematic approach.
My Doctor MD Online 2014